Our Study Programme

Our lineage

We practice the Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi in the manner of Yang Zhen Ji, son of the great Yang Chen Fu. Our study programme encompasses all the body requirements and energy refinements inherent in Traditional Yang Tai Chi, and indeed all authentic Tai Chi.


We study:

Traditional Yang Tai Chi 108 form,

Tai Chi Walking Meditation:

Like a cat, agile, firm, light, deep, slow and smooth.

Pushand drills,


Advanced Tai Chi Training: 

Workshops to open the body and intensify Qi flow:

 1) Gong Jin Tai Chi Training

 2) Resilience Power Training Intensive

 3) 12 Directions intensive Training – Higher levels

 4) Tai Chi Breath training.


Traditional Yang Tai Chi Sword:

The straight sword; most associated with Taoism. The sword is a weapon that trains the user in extending energy along the blade and focusing with pin point accuracy. The whole body guides the sword movements. In ancient times every scholar, official and aristocrat would wear a sword at court. Sword is the first Tai Chi weapon to learn.


Traditional Yang Tai Chi Sabre:

The pace picks up and the sabre swiftly but controlled follows the movements and energy set up in the legs, powered by the body’s turn and extending out beyond the arms and through the blade. Sabre training is for more advanced students.


Qi Gong breathing methods:

Methods to open up awareness in the body and experience the feeling of Qi.


Eternal Spring Qi Gong:

A unique Taoist direct lineage system from the Song Dynasty.