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The 10 Essences of Tai Chi

Within the heart of Yang Style Tai Chi are 10 principles; specific body and energy guidelines given by the Yang family that provide the master key to opening and bringing forth the deeper energy levels promised within all styles of Tai Chi. These were written down by Yang Chen Fu in the 1920’s.

The 10 Principles or Essences are:

 1. Lift the head to raise the spirit

 2. Sink the shoulders and elbows

 3. Loosen the chest and round the back

 4. Loosen the waist, line up the lower back and relax the Kua

 5. Understand the weight changes in the legs

 6. Co-ordinate upper and lower body

 7. Continuity in movement

 8. Unite internal intent and what the body is doing.

 9. Use mind not force

10. Experience stillness in motion and motion in stillness