I thought I'd share my day with you all.  At work we're having a training week and today was how to remain resilient during tough times at work. 

Some parts were around gratitude & mindfulness so I shared my positive experience of both Tai Chi & Qi Gong. How I was able to appreciate the wonder of nature around me, how I could sit and mediate by focussing on centering my energy, that my posture had improved, that while driving I could actually relax tension (without danger of course), that my inner happiness had grown, that I could clear the noise to focus on my day, that practicing tai chi in the morning made me feel better all day and that finally I'm so grateful for the support I received in class and also continue to receive from your wonderful teachings.

As a foot note, on leaving the room, one of the facilitators said he'd found my insights "entertaining, interesting and wise"  ‎He'd previously tried Tai Chi and is tonight calling his local group to go back for regular sessions.

Wishing you much happiness and joy.


(TCA Student)