About Us

Our school was founded in the early 90’s by Shelagh Grandpierre, an insightful and longstanding Tai Chi teacher with over 35 years experience.  We have...

Learning Authentic Tai Chi DVD

For new and current students of Tai Chi. From total beginners and those learning at home and for advanced students. Use as a learning aid for new...

New Tai Chi 6 Week Course

Starting Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 7.30pm - 9.00pm We are happy to announce our Tai Chi classes are restarting again on June 3rd. Our new venue is...

Latest News & Events

1        Ready Position

2        Opening

3        Seize the Moon With Three Rings

4        Big Dipper

5        Swallow Swoops Over the Water

6        Block and Sweep (right)

7        Block and Sweep

8        Little Dipper

9        Swallow Returns to its Nest

10      Cat Seizes the Rat with Agility

11      Phoenix Lifts Up Its Head

12      Wasp Enters the Cave

13      Phoenix Opens its Right Wing

14      Little Dipper

15      Phoenix Opens its Left Wing

16      Casting the Fishing Rod

17      Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake (right)

18      Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake (left)

19      Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake (right)

20      Embracing the Moon

21      Birds Lodging in the Forest

22      Black Dragon Sways its Tail

23      Green Dragon Gets Out of the Water

24      Lotus Swirls in the Wind

25      Lion Shakes its Head (left)

26      Lion Shakes its Head (right)

27      Tiger Covers its Head

28      Mustang Jumps Over the Ravine

29      Rein In the Horse

30      Needle Pointing South

31      Dusting In the Wind (left)

32      Dusting In the Wind (right)

33      Dusting In the Wind (left)

34      Pushing the Canoe With the Current

35      Comet Chasing the Moon

36      Heavenly Steed Brings Good News

37      Lifting the Curtain

38      Car Wheel (left)

39      Car Wheel (right)

40      Swallow Picks up Bits of Earth In its Beak

41      Roc Extends its Wings

42      Fishing For the Moon at Sea Bottom

43      Naza Explores the Sea

44      Rhino Watches the Moon

45      Hunting the Wild Goose

46      Green Dragon Shows its Claws

47      Phoenix Opens Both Wings

48      Block Up Left

49      Block Up Right

50      Hunting the Wild Goose

51      White Ape Presents Fruit

52      Falling Flowers (right)

53      Falling Flowers (left)

54      Falling Flowers (right)

55      Falling Flowers (left)

56      Falling Flowers (right)

57      Fair Lady Works at Shuttles

58      White Tiger Sways its Tail

59      Tiger Covers its Head

60      Fish Jumps Over the Dragon’s Gate

61      Black Dragon Twists Round the Pole (left)

62      Black Dragon Twists Around the Pole (right)

63      The Immortal Points the Way

64      An Incense For Heaven

65      Plums Blossoms Blown By the Wind

66      Presenting the Tablet

67      Returning the Sword To the Original Position