“Applying the 10 Tai Chi essences more clearly gave greater softness and flow in our Tai Chi drills”

“I particularly enjoyed the partner work with ‘Grasping Bird’s Tail’ as it clarified many aspects of that move and highlighted where I needed to work on”

“I enjoy coming into a quiet and peaceful space. Since the last workshop, when I practice, I notice the benefits straight away and I feel better in body and mind. Feeling calmer, quietly relaxed and more grounded”

“How great it feels to take time for practice/learning and how great to feel the gentle pace”

“I appreciated the explanation our teacher Shelagh gave about the standing meditation principles. I experienced all sorts of tingling in my feet, which remained at the end of the workshop session. I also enjoyed the Taoist walking meditation where the hands exchange energy across the body”

“I enjoyed learning the body postures, easy to grasp by Shelagh’s teaching. I feel energised, and my whole body feels so much more relaxed. In fact these workshops are intriguing, very interesting and enjoyable”

“I take each layer I am learning in class and there is always something new learn in Tai Chi each week. From the classes I have become more energised. My health has improved both mentally and physically. The biggest challenge has been perseverance, never to give up and always learn more. Regular practice at home helps me to improve for the next lesson and gain the most benefit. Tai Chi seems to fall into place piece by piece.”

“Once again seeing /experiencing how correct posture, properly relaxed, has strength”