Eternal Spring Testimonials

“My joints feel more subtle than they have felt for years”

“I’ve noticed a ‘refined’ quality of Qi. In breathing, in taking part in the Qi Gong sessions and in my body in general”

“How hot the palms of my hands get when moving them lightly over each other”

“I am in a much more relaxed state than on previous workshops”

“The feeling of having progressed!” “Noticing how strenuous simplicity can be!!”

“Feeling calm, yet energised” “Feeling peaceful, yet vital”

“I feel I have been completely emptied of stress and tension”

“We covered far more than I expected in the time available. The small group setting made it an intimate experience”

“I was surprised how quickly I have been able to reconnect after a long absence”

“I enjoy learning and experiencing, more about the inner sense of movement with the techniques, so the detail on Clouds Hands was particularly good for me”

“During the session I felt more energised. My whole body felt like a light body”

“I liked how easy it is to fit in and join right away. Very welcome atmosphere”

“I loved the guidance, gently given. Relaxed and calm teaching”

“During one of the meditations, putting attention on the soles of the feet and having a sense energy rising through the crown of the head helped keep a sense of inner space. It produced a deep sense of relaxation”

“Peaceful environment, pleasant people, clear gentle instruction = very relaxing”

“Helped to clear my mind and re-align my body. The way my body changed without huge effort – like clicks, cracks & pops which relaxed pain”

“I want this to be my way of life, more than just being in a class”

“I liked the gentle encouraging teaching approach, also permission to work at our own pace/ability/aptitude”

“The calm atmosphere and pace, gentle calm movement, getting the opportunity to feel grounded, and the connection within my body”

“I liked the gentle movement, accepting & non judgemental environment. Great space to move easily and feel free both mentally and physically”

“How slight changes in posture make massive differences to pain & endurance ability”

“I lived the flow of the programme, and amazed by how little movement you actually have to do!

“I felt more inner space than I have previously. Each time I attend another workshop I notice my body seems to remember what to do & and build on it. I really enjoy and gain so much from these workshops and I would like to continue attending”