Tai Chi Workshop Testimonials

Tai Chi Student Feedback 2016

I value each layer I am learning in every class. There is always something new to learn and discover in our Tai Chi class each week.

From regularly attending the classes I have become more energised. My health has improved both mentally and physically.

For me, the biggest challenge has been perseverance, never to give up and to always learn more.

I practice several times per week, which brings great benefit and helps me to improve for the next lesson.

The most surprising thing is how learning Tai Chi cannot be hurried. It seems to fall into place piece by piece.

Taking time out from the day filled with very mental work to focus on one compelling and absorbing activity is what I value about being in the Tai Chi class. I love the movements and feel relaxed in the friendly group.

My co-ordination and balance are improving after a short few lessons. I am slowly learning to be aware of all parts of my body moving in different directions.

Outside of attending class I do a small amount of practice usually focusing on one specific move. This helps me in the next session. It is early days and I hope to do more in the future.

Tai Chi has strengthened my joints and I have been able to take up other physical activity.

The focus and concentration aspect appealed to me. After a session I am considerably more relaxed. I am calmer and sleep better.

I love the flow of the Tai Chi form and practicing in the group. I have noticed greater joint strength mobility and physical and mental stamina.