Eternal Spring Qi Gong

Eternal Spring Qi Gong is a rich internal art from Wudang Mountain, the well of Taoist tradition, and belongs to the ancient schools of transformation. It combines specific postures, breathing techniques, focussed attention and special movements to promote and refine the flow of Qi (energy) within the body. Much of the theory behind all Qi Gong methods is common to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has its origins in ancient times. The Eternal Spring Qi Gong method is a superior energy cultivation practice, a refined spiritual practice and a legendary rejuvenation method. Truly, it is a bright pearl within the schools of Taoist Qi Gong.

The body’s own vital energy ‘Qi’ is cultivated and builds up to establish a wonderful harmony of mind body and spirit. The only known side effects are enhanced wellbeing and vitality, and deep inner peace and serenity.

As our world changes rapidly, people seek a more natural and harmonious life, a strong and healthy body and mind, and ways to access an inner peaceful core which are all the function of Eternal Spring Qi Gong.


Origin & Lineage

For centuries, Eternal Spring Qi Gong, which sprung originally from Taoist temples, was known only to a select few, being handed down from master to only three disciples and so on as was the tradition of ancient times. Something changed though in the early 90’s, when Master Wang Zhi Gang, a Taoist Qi Gong Master and direct lineage holder from eastern China was given the blessing of his master to open things up for our time by teaching the discipline to a select group of foreign Tai Chi/Qi Gong players including Shelagh Grandpierre. He wanted to contribute and share the precious legacy of the method to the world for the health and happiness of all people. His wish was “Good health and long life to the people of the world”.