Our meditation classes and workshops are designed to help you re-connect with your body and inner self, reduce the effects of stress and raise your vibration. These are the perfect antidote that you can use to refresh and restore your health and inner wellbeing on a regular basis.

We offer meditation sessions on the following topics in the form of mini workshops, tasters and classes.  Contact us if you would like a class or workshop in the workplace or if you would like us to teach one in your area for a specific health group or group of friends.  



Guided meditations for reconnecting with your centre and anchoring your energies. The focus is on methods to connect the breath, the body, the mind and the emotions. The purpose is to develop greater self awareness and increase self understanding.


Letting go:

Guided meditations using the breath and specific visualisation techniques, for releasing stress and tension.  Total inner relax, Let go, gain insight and increase your energy levels. Small group setting.


Tao Meditation:

Wonderful meditation tools and techniques for the individual to achieve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and harmony. Guided sessions.