About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is both beautiful and practical, based on universal principles, scientific understanding, and the study of energy. When you feel and act in harmony with yourself, your abilities are unified and enhanced. Tai Chi has much to offer us today as it embodies timeless universal truths within a system of health.

People come to Tai Chi & Qi Gong for different reasons. Millions of Chinese practise them every day to keep themselves healthy and supple into old age. It is increasingly used in the west as a health exercise alongside complementary therapies. It is also very useful to calm the mind and body in stress management and can deepen the experience of meditation in spiritual practice.

Tai Chi has been described as ‘swimming on land’. The rounded movements are performed slowly and with precision.  A centred mind directs the flowing movements that make this fitness discipline like a ‘moving meditation’. 

Come to our classes and experience for yourself the art of Tai Chi and discover what this health system can do for you. Let go of your daily concerns and become stronger both mentally and physically.  The flow of Chi throughout the body reduces stress, and strengthens bones and muscles, leading to a feeling of wellbeing. Benefits include greater endurance, patience, improved sleep, greater balance, coordination, confidence and inner peace. Anyone can practice Tai Chi, and the class is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Welcoming class atmosphere. You are never too old or too young to join!